Obsessed With Looking for the Right One

This is only my second post, but I feel like this community is here to help. Thank you for caring!

I have been and still am obsessively looking for the right van, and now it’s getting real. I sold my land and will soon have funds for a pretty nice van, but can’t quite make it to a new build. I’ve decided either a ProMaster or a Ford Transit (my preference, but fewer to find used), but they all have some sort of problem: I’d have to fly to go see them (live in Maine), they have a shower stall taking up most of the space (love the clever half cabinet solutions), the build looks amateur with wires all over the place.

I’m even looking at Winnebago Travato’s (could have a fixed bed) but they rarely have much solar, huge showers, and are too plastic. Why take up precious space with a sink in the shower when there’s one right out the door?

I’m camping for a few days in my friend’s van this week just to remember what I loved and hated about vanlife, a reality check, but I know I’m doing this! I will be living in the van full time with my dog.

Do you or anyone you know have an almost new van for sale? Can you help calm me down? I hope to leave in October.

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