Now to start, converting the conversion !\m/!



Nice looking van, and with lots of windows and already finished floor, walls, and ceiling! That fact alone will save you a fortune in both time and money.

Can you stretch out in the bed with those conversion windows? If you can, that’s a bonus too. Just put your house battery followed by your kitchen & bathroom behind the drivers seat, and you’re ready to hit the road.

Put some plastic drawers in for your kitchen, with wood on top, and voila your kitchen & storage is complete, use a camp stove, and dollar store dishpans for sinks, and dollar store trigger spray bottles for the water delivery. If they’re not built in, you can use them bboth indoors and outdoors without duplication.

A portable toilet on one side or the other, a storage bin for a shower base to catch the water, a hula hoop hung up with a shower curtain attached to enclose your toilet, and your shower, a weed sprayer with a kitchen sink sprayer attached for the shower head, and you’ll have a more sensible, comfortable, and functional setup than 99% of the DIY camper vans out there. I use wood TV trays for my table and desk, in front of a comfy seat. Those too work outside with a comfy camp chair.

Good luck & keep us posted!


"Beat Murphy's Law with a KISS! (Keep It Stupidly Simple)" ~ Van_Dweller

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Wow, that looks like a great van to start with!

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It sure does look like a nice Van to start with! Van_Dweller is right, with some cheap and easy additions you’d be golden!

Congrats, and good luck on your conversion!

Looks like a great conversion project. You’ll be rolling in no time.

That looks so good! Wish you luck :relaxed:

It looks a lot like mine. Nice van.