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Hey Everyone. This forum and associated web presence has been very informative so far. I’m not planning to live in my campervan for years, but possibly for a few months. Tents suit me just fine. If it fits on my back and my hands are free it can ride. My wife and I hope to travel with our daughter and pup to see the US without a serious schedule. We are flyfishers (even my young daughter) and hope to take advantage of the mobility a campervan offers to hit the streams across this nation. We have no grand plans of whimsical travels waking up to Natgeo scenery. Nope, we just want to pick destinations, plan accordingly, hope for the best and wade though the worst. There is an incredible amount of peace that comes.crom being on a river. So that’s us in a nutshell. We are in the planning stages right now. We’ve decided on a Nissan NV2500HD with 4x4 conversion. I was certified as a Nissan Master Mechanic in 2009 and Nissan’s are just so easy to work on. We’re looking at having Colorado Camper Van install our pop-top for additional sleeping space. Advice is what I’m here for and what I’ll try to offer when I can. Have a great day everyone.

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Sounds like a fun plan! Do keep in mind that each state, and sometimes specific areas require separate fishing licenses, and some of the rules & regulations can be quite confusing. Fishing & Hunting laws tend to be strictly enforced.

Keep us posted & send some pictures of the places you visit!


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I am an NCWRC Hunter Education Instructor. You’d be hard pressed to find a fly fisherman that doesn’t know there are rules to follow. That might not mean they choose to follow them. Thanks for chiming in. Some others may not know this. I have taught many classes where people had no clue they even needed a license to fish. Have a great evening.