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Hello, Bonjour!
My name is Marci Vanessa and I am looking seriously at van life very soon. As a carpenter, seamstress, mover and pawrent to a wonderful fluffy soul, I am keen on learning more about vehicles that are suitable for tall people who want to be able to stand up fully and stay warm in Canadian winters. :slight_smile:
I currently live on Vancouver Island about 45 mins from Victoria. Right now I’m busy working for an upholstery studio and finishing the interior of my boss’ tiny home on wheels! Meeting up with some van-lifers and builders in person would be grand. I know a lot about working with wood and soft furnishings (and can definitely help with van seat cushions, beds, etc.!). I have a bunch to learn about working with metal, off-grid electrical & plumbing systems and engines.
I’m looking at step vans and grumman workhorse type vehicles at the moment - if you have one nearby that I could walk through, I’d appreciate a tour (in exchange for pizza? ;))

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Hello fellow tall vanlifer, welcome! I currently have a 1996 Dodge Coachman that has a high roof and a special sunken floor that allows me to stand, walk, change clothes (182 cm or 72 in). It is an RV converted by Coachman so it’s got carpet, soft cushion walls, and carpet ceiling that help it stay cozy in the cool temperatures. It also has all amenities like bathroom with shower, toilet, sink (also outside shower), fridge, stove, microwave, AC/Heater, etc. It is the size of a passenger van, so it fits in regular parking spots, although it’s super tall so I can’t do a lot of drive throughs or parking garages. I made a list of must haves in a van and this one has it all. The only downside, is the gas mileage is like 10mi/gal, so I try to strategically plan how often I move on a budget. It would also be a good van to upgrade to your comfort levels with your skills. Best of luck on your vanlife as a non-digital nomad!

Sending lots of love,

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Sorry I am way away from Victoria but have many friends on the island. The upholstery and other skills you have would seem quite valuable to this community. Wherever the gatherings are people always need mending or all out recovering (like me). Having those tools with you will be beneficial, and the other systems are pretty basic to all van conversions. You ca start by building some systems lake wiring harnesses and tubing, before you even have the van. When I added solar panels, my friend helped me assemble everything on the ground to make sure that it would work, and then we installed that same system confident with the initial skills I had gained. Good luck. Dan