Nomad Internet Company Plans

I visited the plans page and found only 1 monthly fee for each of 3 device plans, $149. Several nomads have promoted it as reliable, affordable internet for anyone living on the road. I’m confused about the affordability part because that’s higher than I could ever dream of or want to ever pay, though mobile internet service will be important to me.

Have you tried this service? Do you/did you pay this? What do you think about this service?


I’ve heard nothing but bad reviews of them, except from the paid promoters.


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Just use your mobile phone. You already pay for it and can probably add a data plan for a lot cheaper than this.

Unless starlink is actually mobile and feasible to power (doubt it), then a mobile phone and a cell booster is your best choice.

Starlink is now being rolled out at $135.00 month with a 30-day money back guarantee if it doesn’t work… Problem with mobile hotspots are they are often spotty, and - especially if video conferencing is necessary - network latency can be an issue. For routine email and simple tasks, it works fine though. More info here on Starlink:

I haven’t had any of the issues you’ve noted above with hotspot. In fact it works great, pulls almost no energy. Video conferencing also works great. Another plus, you’ve already probably paid for it or will pay half to a third less than you would with starlink being 135 a month. That’s an insane price for internet.

Four huge issues with starlink:

  • 8 amps, that’a serious amount of power to use it
  • Clear view of the sky, that’s cool if you are in a desert
  • No P2P, a huge pitfall for most people
  • 135 a month? Yikes

I do not have starlink, but from those I know who have, they have all canceled because the service goes down for about 10 minutes every hour. That is about as spotty as it gets.

A hotspot on a phone is still sadly, the cheapest and most reliable option we have.

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