No support for Promaster owners

Day 106 since our 2022 Promaster broke. Ram North America has sold 10,000 Promasters since our new 3500 broke on its second day in the fleet last January 6th but they still can’t (or won’t actually) get us a replacement part. They say that the parts chains between factory and service are completely separate (or the fabric of the universe will be torn?) Looks like they are more interested in selling vehicles than servicing them. #ram #promaster #fail #donotbuy

We didn’t have this experience when ours broke down and calling and complaining directly to RAM about the poor local service department really greased the wheels there and got things moving.

You might also want to look into lemon laws. They only have a set amount of time to fix things and return them to you and I believe 106 days is probably getting close to that mark depending on your state.

You should also consider the warranty. You shouldn’t have to pay for anything, they should provide you a rental, and they should cover the cost of a hotel if you have to stay in one.

I’m curious as to why you say “second day in the fleet”. If you bought this through company as a commercial vehicle that could be the problem, you likely won’t have the same warranty or rights as an individual making a purchase.

Good luck.