Nissan nv 200 problems

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Recently the head gasket went in my van got that fixed by my mechanic a week later the dpf had problems the mechanic advised me to remove it and then get it remapped i took his advice a week later the turbo is gone now im so p***ed off now forking out money.
my question is by removing the dpf and getting it remapped did that cause the turbo to fail ?


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The year of your vehicle and the mileage on it might help a lot.

To me, although I’m not claiming to be an expert, just sounds like all the typical BS that comes along with owning a newer diesel, which just like gas cars only gets worse as time goes on.

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Is DPF a diesel particulate filter? What does mapping do to a filter? If the filter comes after the turbo it shouldn’t hurt the turbo. If it comes before the turbo it could tear up the turbo if it disintegrates or sheds stuff.

Any blockage in the pipe can make turbo temperatures skyrocket.
Most likely, you loaded it with coolant when the gasket went boom.
Very typical to see this happen post coolant-passing head gaskets.

I would gut the freaking thing and cure it forever. They cause more trouble than they are worth, once you add up all the fuel burned into the air it takes to build/maintain and repair them. Fools errand.

WATCH OUT about a used turbo from a spoiled engine.
The same oil passes through the turbo. If the motor popped, it usually compromised the turbo along with it. It won’t show up right away…and no one will sell a turbo off a good engine…they go as a unit, together.

Look into a local turbo rebuilder for a bargain. They will be your best bet.