Nicks 87 chevy G2

Hey guys, im Nick and i just got an 87 G20 i want to convert for a weekend camper (nothing to crazy). What’s everything I should do before i insulate and put walls up? Such as considering putting a vent on the roof. Anything else before i work on the walls and celing? Thanks a lot in advanced!


Run whatever electrical lines you have planned. Paint any steel that looks iffy.

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With opening windows in your rear doors, a cheap 12v fan blowing out, and your front windows cracked will provide much better ventilation than roof vents. Putting holes in your roof for any reason is a bad choice. Eventually they always leak and cause huge problems.

The best practice is to keep all your wiring easily accessible but hidden and protected. Many people run their wires along the top where the roof meets the walls, after both a finished, and then cover it with a trim piece.


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Thanks for the tips! It raines today and i just noticed i have a leak in the back right corner on the roof somewhere that i need to assess. I can’t really see where it is though so it should be a fun job

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