Nice to meet you :)

Hello. I was introduced to vehicle life very much by accident. A friend who considers himself a “Homeless Expert” (lol) Helped me to get familiarized with the concept of vehicle living.I was terrified TBH. After spending a few weeks in a Wally World parking lot…I actually found it exhilarating! I crashed my car 5 weeks later. Now I am shopping for a minivan to use full time as I save-up for my retirement. I am looking forward to participating in this community. TTYS :slight_smile:

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Well hey Jay! I welcomed you on a different thread, but welcome again! Nice to have a friend that’s a homeless expert. Did you really feel the need to crash your car though? Lol

Looking back, the accident propelled me into a situation that is turning out to be a very positive change for me. It wasn’t my car anyways… I inherited it from a deceased loved one and didn’t have any paperwork. A blessing in disguise :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to hearing updates :slight_smile:

Did you find your minivan?

Yes, I did! I found a really nice Honda Odyssey. I’m doing no build-build. Wasn’t expecting the insane insurance prices and the $400 plate and registration fees, but, I’m still thrilled!

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