Newbies on the East Coast, Australia


My girlfriend and I are Starting the drive from Sydney to Far Nth Queensland today for a bit of a lifestyle shake up in our beautiful girl ‘Novi’ which we just finished renovating ourselves. Any Aussie vanlifers doing the east coast feel free to let us know and we can start the convoy :yum:

Harry & Rosie


Welcome to the fourm! Keep updated on the best places you find, would love to go there someday!


Good to see ya!

Could you post some pics of the interior on here as well, would love to see it.


@HenryCooper here are a few pics of the finished product before we fully packed it for our first trip! I have plenty more I might put up in the ‘build’ section of the forum. Very proud of the work we’ve done and how it turned out :slight_smile:


Amazing setup!

I noticed you guys didn’t take down the wall that separates the driver seat from the back. Most build we see nowadays always remove that. So it’s nice to see something unique :heart_eyes:


@HenryCooper Yeah we left the wall up so we could use the front as a kitchen where the whole unit slides out! Works very well for us and happy with the outcome! Took a little bit of figuring out how to make it work though :sweat_smile:

Here’s a photos of what I mean


Never seen a full slide out kitchen before! That’s amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
What did you guys use to get it to slide our like that?

Also, do you guys have IG? would love to share this on @project.vanlife


@HenryCooper Thank you so much! We used some (very) heavy duty drawer runners. I’m going to attach the photos of when we finished it at home and you’ll see what I mean. Was considering doing a blog / tutorial about our build as well if you think people would be interested?

And that would be amazing! We have followed project van life for a while now and would love a feature! We actually just started a new van account for our travels a few days ago
‘@allroadsleadtohome’ (there should be an underscore before and after the words)


Wow! That’s so cool! So you can cook inside or outside depending on how you feel?!


Yeah we can! Although we are yet to cook inside :joy: definitely prefer the outdoor set up!


Just sent you a PM!!