Newbie with questions

Greetings and thank you for having me.

Running a 2013 Econoline right now with a very basic build that I can remove to reinstall seats. Close to upgrading to a Transit so we can stand-up as we age :grimacing:. Travel with dogs. Not looking for a glamorous build out to live in.

  1. Commercial Transit don’t have rear air, correct?

  2. Any issues with just pulling the seats out of a transit , just as with the econoline , and doing a little build? Kind of like the glass all around and would have AC to rear.

Much more to come.

Greetings & Welcome!

Shouldn’t be too big of a problem taking out the rear seats, but I’m not an expert on those.

I totally agree that windows all around make things so much more enjoyable, and safer driving as well.


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