Newbie Scoping It Out

Hey! Regina here. About to turn 50 and went from a 3 bedroom house to a loft 5 years ago. That’s also when I first heard of tiny houses, and thought it could be doable. Then I see these awesome vans folks are living in. I can take my home with me?! :thinking: Also been looking at remote work options since then.

So this looked like too good of a deal to pass up. By the way, I’m not typically a DIYer, but I’ve gone through a lot changes over the decades. Looking forward to learning. Maybe I’ll see ya on the road

Greetings & Welcome!

For most people, in most circumstances, a cheap used RV is a better choice. It will likely save you money, and be move in ready.


"Money only buys happiness if it's spent wisely." ~ MoneyMisers

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