Newbie Nomad in an SUV + Rooftop Tent

Introduce Yourself…

Hi. I’m Candice.
Newbie nomad phase 1 - planning and gathering gear, planning my first outing etc.
Phase 2, actually leaving my house behind to become a digital nomad/vehicle dweller should commence in the next week to 10 days.

What advice do you have about ways and methods to store things?

I have a pro (rooftop tent) that gives me additional flexibility in terms of interior storage and I don’t need the room inside for a bed platform.

I have a con in that I have a fairly small /compact SUV (RAV4), and most of that cargo space is going to be consumed with the portable fridge and the solar generator.

So I have cold food storage. I’m still considering options for clothes storage, dry food storage, camp kitchen gear and sleeping gear. (Not to mention the medicine cabinet/first aid/supplements, and the portable bathrooms supplies).

I fear I’m going to run out of space quickly.

Share photos please of your storage creativity!! (No permanent builds preferred).

Welcome to VanLife :slight_smile:
I made room for a 12 volt Koolatron originally. I found the power draw and the heat exhaust off of it, not to be worth the trouble. I have found that I can make do quite nicely on shelf stable food (much of which does need to be cooked such as pasta).
Something to consider. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I got a Setpower fridge/freezer as I have dietary restrictions, so fresh foods are a must.

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Indeed I too eat fresh foods but I only buy a day or two’s worth depending what it is such as fruit vs meat. In the cooler months I actually use a cooler in the front seat of the cab of my truck. The cab is separated from the box so it’s cooler.

Glad you found what works for you! :clap::clap::clap::smile: