Newbie - need help

I just bought a Pleasure Way van and I am totally clueless on how to start. It’s been sitting for 4 weeks now and I don’t know if my battery is going to die if I leave it sitting.

  1. How long can it sit before my battery dies?
  2. Do I use the generator when the car is running or when it is not running?
    How long can I use the generator before it dies? And what happens when it dies? What do I do?

I haven’t found places where I can charge the battery or do all the maintenance, like filling up the water and gas. I don’t even know where to put the diesel in it, I don’t see the hole like on my car.

Download your owner’s manual here Download Manuals | Pleasure-Way Industries: Class B Motorhomes : Pleasure-Way Industries: Manufacturer of Class B Motorhomes

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