Newbie here from the PNW - Part time/ weekend van lifers for now!

Hi there! Newbie here - we are part time van lifers in the PNW with our two rescue dogs! Hoping to build out a new van in the next few years and do the PANAM. If anyone has any questions about dogs in vans or areas to camp in the PNW please reach out!

Greetings & Welcome!

Would love to see a great list of camping in the PNW.


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Would love to hear about camping in the PNW. Also, what’s the PANAM?


The PanAm highway is the one that connects North America to South America and runs through Panama.

The state of Washington is a campers paradise. Many lakes, rivers, forests, mountains, and coastline to camp. 3 season friendly, but winters can get pretty cold, especially East of the Cascades or in the mountains. Most snowbirds (people who head south in the winter) prefer the desert SW or Florida.

Then some off us are extreme weather campers for various reasons, work, family, sports etc. and do cold winters and/or hot summers.


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Have you done the Florida Keys yet in the van? We have been, but not in the van. We want to do that next year for our holiday break!

I can definitely get a list of places together that we love here. It is truly such a wonderful place to explore!