Newbie here from FL

Hi, i’m Marc :slight_smile:
I’m newly interested in “Living the VanLife” with a friend and i’m here to learn about things to better prepare myself. :slight_smile:

Greetings & Welcome!

Money first! You need a rock solid plan on you’re going to make money while traveling, and backup plans in case that plan fails.

Everything else is relatively easy, and we can guide you through it. Start up costs can be surprisingly low, even with full amenities. Staying stationary can be pretty cheap, but the costs of traveling can add up quickly. On a long day of driving, I can go through ~$100 in gas. (600-700 miles). Things like eating out and entertainment can add up quickly too, and so can paying for camping spots.

It’s very easy to spend much more than typical rent while traveling. People choosing this lifestyle to save money are frequently disappointed. For most people, being a weekender makes much better sense.


"Swamp coolers for the win to beat the heat." ~Road Warrior