Newbie from New Mexico

Hi I’m Erica and I am new to all of this. My plan is to buy an rv and live in it and travel for the summer maybe longer. Not sure yet where im going. But I’m very excited to start this journey. I’m just starting to look at rv’s and just want some insight on what to look for when finding the right rv for me. I’m looking forward to all the info everyone has.

Greetings & Welcome!

RV’s are often the best choice available. Older, less complicated ones tend to have fewer problems, and really nice ones can often be found at bargain prices.

Floor plans are high on my priority list. Some can feel cramped & claustrophobic, while others can feel open, airy, comfortable, & convenient.

I like windows, the more the better. I like the natural light, the view, and the option of added ventilation.

Make sure you get one with a generator, so you can have power anywhere without relying on campgrounds with plug ins. Don’t get conned into adding solar, or expensive lithium batteries, use them as they were intended to be used when they were made for the best results.

Class C motorhomes can be found that will fit in a normal parking space, that can be a useful advantage.

Good luck, and we’re here to help! :smiley:


"Dirt cheap older RV's are often the best choice. Newer ≠ Better!" ~ Better Choices