Newbie from MD!

Hi all!!!
newbie here but oldie to camping life, just bought my 1st CVan … having some issues… needing help…

Started Pop up camping in mid eighties, moved right on up to big rig fifth wheeling even a huge motorhome once. Now, i go solo camping with just my dogs, so i bought a small 1999 Dodge Ram SE Mark III custom build off facebook marketplace about a yr ago. im not rich by any means and cant afford a van that costs as much as a house.

Its not working like i need. Solar rigged, but thats no longer working. None of the inside outlet plugs work anymore. Engine battery just replaced but doesnt start up the van. i am about 1/2 inch too tall… i didnt think that would be an issue upon buying, but now that i’m in it, its hard on my back. Roof needs raised. i know zero about electrical or solar.

im ready to sell and buy something else even tho ive only gone on 4 short weekend trips with this.

Greetings & Welcome!

Let’s start at the beginning… Did any of this stuff work when you bought the van?

Whenever I had a low top van, I would do everything while seated from an executive style rolling high back swivel reclining office chair, that I could pick up cheap at a thrift store. I would cook, clean, work, and lounge while seated. I could shower while seated on my toilet, and of course I could stretch out comfortably on my bed. I had the whole outdoors to stand in if that’s what I desired.

Crawling on our knees or hunching over is for the birds, but we can adapt and overcome if we are creative and think outside the box. With determination, we can overcome almost anything. :smiley:


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Check the connections on your leisure battery.
I had similar problem and had to buy a couple new lugs to connect to the battery. Just make sure the inverter is disconnected and it should be ok.
Neg first then positive on disconnecting
Reverse on reconnecting
Also that inverter can flatten your leisure battery so leave it off unless your using 240v
I wore rubber gloves just incase and used a hammer and screw driver to crimp lug/O ring together, then electrical tape to finish off and all working now.
Apparently you can connect up to four lugs on each side of the battery connections
I did not look forward to this job
I am a first time camper owner and just learning myself but feels great when you get the basics working
Ye and would agree with needing to be seated inside the van to help your back.