Newb Here to Learn


Hi Everyone!

I’m Dawn. Quick info: 2 years i was living on the east coast & i traveled across country several times w/ my daddy to pick-up vans & a box truck he bought off auction. He told me of his idea to turn the box truck into a tiny home while he traveled installing cable up the east coast. I thought it was crazy. Fast forward to today & i’m living on the west coast & have met ppl that love the vanlife & now i’m ready for to join the community. I’ve always had a secret passion for working on cars & remodeling homes so it’s the perfect combo. But first i have to convince my dad to give me his van. Wish me luck! :crossed_fingers::articulated_lorry:


Greetings & Welcome!

I’m a little confused… Why not buy your own van? We always appreciate what we work for more than what is just given to us.


"Those who believe money can't buy hapiness, don't have either." ~ An Anonymous Vandweller


I’ve looked into purchasing a van & he is helping me too. But i had bit of bad luck this summer in CA w/ buying/selling car etc. It’s just easier to get his. His van is already gutted with major repairs already done. And it would be something i could go home & work on with him.



I absolutely wish you GOOD LUCK! Starting with a gutted van is a pain. Mine was gutted when I bought it, but is was originally a passenger van that Travco added a high top to, and converted into a camper van. I knew I could replace the window trim, door and wall panels, and carpet and padding out of wrecking yards, so that saved me a ton of work, and gave me a beautiful factory interior to start with. It was then very easy to move my camping furniture in.

Today, everything I have is portable/modular, and then just secured. Nothing is built in, so I can move it to another van if the need every arises. I can also rearrange things if I need to haul something awkward, or even remove everything if need be. Not having actual built ins gives you a lot more options. Everything I have can be used either inside or outside without the need for duplicates.


"Those who believe money can't buy hapiness, don't have either." ~ An Anonymous Vandweller