New Vanlifer Looking to Purchase a Specific Model

Hi, my name is Victoria and I’m interested in starting van life. I haven’t purchased a van yet–trying to decide between a few models–and this will be my first vehicle. My build will not be fancy, just the basic necessities, and I’m more interested in making friends and discussing van types. I’m not looking for anything with a high roof or anything too tall like sprinters or ford transits, but I’d like a good reliable cargo van that can hold a lot. I’m buying used. I already have remote work set up and have a decent budget. I’d like a small van, maybe not longer than a typical minivan but not a minivan. I’ve looked at models like Ford Transit Connect and promaster city, but they don’t have very good reviews!

Would anyone suggest the best places/websites to buy vans, and what models seem to fit my preferences? So far, I’ve looked at Craiglist, FB Marketplace, eBay, and auction sites. Thank you and it’s a pleasure to be in the community!