New Van Lifers and Van Pupper

Hello everyone!

New aspiring van lifer here. My girlfriend and I are currently converting our 1992 Dodge B350 into a camper van. So far we are on the “restoration” stage of the project as it was an extremely rough (but running and driving) van that we got for $800. My background in automotive projects is actually in classic car restorations so this is the part I’m familiar with. Never done the “converting” part though.

We plan on taking trips all over in our van with our new pup, Newt. Excited to get this done and learn from you guys and contribute where I can as well!

Hey man, nothing really to contribute but I am excited to follow your journey. You’re a few steps ahead of my wife and I. Thanks.


I love the old Dodges, some of the most reliable vans ever made. My 1973 has over 500k miles on it and still totally reliable.


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