New User - Tips for Vanlife Scotland

Hi there, I’ve just bought myself a pre-converted Ford Transit 2004. I have been planning this purchase for many years while at university and I have finally taken the plunge.

I am taking a trip up to Scotland in a month to test out the van before starting travelling for 6 months in Spain and Portugal. Has anyone got any tips for a first time van lifer and specifically for travelling in Scotland?

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Drive it locally for as much as possible before attempting any trips, this will give you a feel for it, and possibly present any unforeseen problems before you hit the road.


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Just enjoy it its one of the best things I have done. When you planing on being in Spain and Portugal

have a great trip in scotland! u gonna drive the van from scotland to Spain and Portugal?

@sillysassy @Matthew_Myers I’m based in Manchester and I am doing some short trips around the Peak district in the next few weeks. Then off to Scotland to see friends, hike and paddle board my way around. The Spain/Portugal trip is set up for January once I am used to the van and have saved up some money!

Wow that’s fantastic. Bet you can’t wait to set off. If you have a good heater in the van andorra is am amazing place to visit and there are some free or cheep places to stay aswell. Especially if you like skiing lol

The heater isn’t too bad and Andorra sounds great! I have a snowboard I might take with me if I add it to the Journey. Thanks @Matthew_Myers

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That’s fantastic. Skiing all the way thought haha.
There is a Facebook group called moterhome and ski. They have lots of tips for the ski/snowboarder moterhome van lifestyle
I have also been using an app called (Park 4 night) I have found it very helpful.
If you need anything just let me k ow I will help where I can.

Happy travels :blush:

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wow thanks matthew for the sharing! very useful!
u must be a great fan of skiing!

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awesome! u are going to have a great time in scotland… wow, once after xmas, its gonna be Spain / Portugal!
i envy you! :smiley: