New Used engine vs Original engine

Hi Van life peeps,

I am new to van life and have just decided on the style of van that best fits my needs. I have found two vans that I’m in between and was hoping that some of you may have some expert advise based off your experiences.

One is an 86 GMC Vandura Conversion type C:
-replaced old engine at 78k with used engine that has 68k
-replaced radiator
-new tires
-has seen the road and traveled
-body is in good shape

Two is an 88 Chevy G20:
-original engine 115k miles
-small rust spots on the body and around windows
-sat and wasn’t driven for a couple years till recently

Is it better to go with a van that has original miles or has a replaced used engine?

I’m aware that either one is eventually going to breakdown and need repairs. Just not sure which would be the better option.

Any advice is much appreciated.
Thanks for you time!

Greetings & Welcome!

Well… Rust is a vehicle killer…

Engine wise it’s a toss up.

A Class C is usually bigger and more comfortable, but not as good around town, and plumbing isn’t good in colder weather.

If the G20 is a passenger van, it may be a good choice, but very few people are happy with cargo van conversions for very long. The lack of windows can be very depressing, and usually leads to mold and moisture problems due to a lack of sufficient ventilation. Window vans with many opening windows make much better campers.

Good luck & keep us posted!

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