New to vanlife hello everyone

Introduce Yourself…


I’m Deborah, I’m 52 and have left an extremely abusive relationship. I have no children and I don’t own a home, I have debts but thankfully 2 jobs.

I am living in a tiny vauxhall combo which I have been in for 4 months now. It’s cold in the uk and my van is not insulated at the moment…

Now that all sounds tragic but I can honestly say I’m loving the van life. I have a vanlife kitchen pod and a bunk to sleep on. I purchased a 1000watt power bank which I can recharge through my 12v slot whilst driving or I plug it in at work, this charges my phone laptop etc and the best thing at the moment is my 12v electric blanket which is warm and cosy.

I’m looking forward to the warmer months and the hope of the pandemic restrictions lifting so I can see a lot more of the uk. My plan was and still is to pay my debts off but instead of renting a flat I will get a bigger van. Never did I ever dream that this life would be perfect for me but it really is. Look forward to chatting to you all.

Deb xx

Greetings & Welcome!

Sounds like you’re making good progress, and have a good solid plan, much better than many newbies.

Hang in there & stay strong, and we’ll be looking forward to your participation here.


"Beat Murphy's Law with a KISS! (Keep It Stupidly Simple)" ~ Van_Dweller