New to Vanlife. Bought my van, looking for Vendors to build the van

Hey guys, I’m new to this community…Bought my van (2014 Mercedes 144 WB Sprinter, 100miles), looking for Vendors from the Midwest to build the van.

I was wondering if there are any recommendations? I reached out to a few and they are quoting me 70k-ish and above. Looking for something in the 20k-ish range, as cheap as possible.

Thanks so much!


You’re not going to get much built for 20k. My cost of materials for my 170 build is well over 30k and I’m building it myself

Greetings & Welcome Back!

I do my own full fledged “No Build” conversions for under $1k, and I typically have more amenities than people spending much more. I move my furniture in and secure it, rather than building it in.


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