New to Vanlife and building things non-electrical

As of late I have found myself needing a fulfilling project with more practical use than the knickknacks I usually fill my time with.
My intent is to build my van for roaming/mild adventuring/and meeting up with friends.
I consider myself a bit of an audiophile, within a meager budget.
There will be a sound system in the van for when I am around friends, but I intend to primarily use my collection of headphones with relatively portable and low power draw DACs, DAPs, and amplifiers when alone.
I will likely use my laptop very rarely, seeing as a tablet in unison with my phone tend to be more than plenty for daily life.
The only part for my build im having trouble deciding on at the moment while I gather/hoard building supplies is what to use as paneling for my interior. Wood might be cool, but looking like sauna walls isnt really my thing, and treating them to be moisture resistant and easier to clean seems like it would be less efficient than vinyl paneling. I may end up going for thin plywood and using a bedliner material, theres still time to decide. If anyone has suggestions for sourcing material or would like to show how they skinned their walls I would love to see some inspiration.

Greetings & Welcome!

Vinyl or FRP are my preferred choice.


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What is FRP? Thanks!



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