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Hi Everyone, I’m new to Van Life. Just got an ‘89 Chevy by International Vehicles. Hoping to learn from the community! Jason

I tested the heater earlier on gas mode, though was a bit stinky. Would that be expected?

Welcome to the forum. What kind of heater. No heater should have any smell.

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Sometimes if it has sat for a quite a bit the dust, pet hair, dander, whatever will basically burn off, but that smell should not last for more than a couple minutes. Our propane heater always has an odd smell the first time we fire it up for the season.

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Thank you Axel! The only thing I could see regarding the heating system is the thermostat. Not sure if that’d be the same brand but says Suburban.

Thank you Bretly, I was wondering if that could be it, just that it hadn’t been run for sometime. I ran it again today and left it running for a little while. Still is stinky so I’m thinking I’ll get it checked out. Called around some RV repair places. Would that be the best place to take it?

Probably runs on propane. If its a sulfur/rotten-egg odor you have a propane leak. Don’t run it until it’s checked out - could be very dangerous. Turn the propane tank valve off until you take it to an RV repair place.

Also a good idea to install a propane detector.

Thank You Axel for the helpful information and safety tips! I’ve called around to schedule an appointment to get it checked out :+1:t2: