New to van life living

I’m new to the van life. Been looking at tiny houses, but figured this may be better off. Currently looking to buy a van to convert.
Anyone ran into any issues while out on the road? Or build issues with placement of furniture and such?


I think you need to get more specific with this one, as we all run into issues all the time. With maintenance, parking, budgeting, etc…

Wouldn’t say this one is an issue, you jsut have to plan out your build before hand. And you should be okay

I’m not laughing at you, and once you start building you will see what I mean by that!.
It’s a give and take thing. You want this but it won’t fit, that’s perfect but too wide, and so on.
Vans really grow and aren’t built. You start with a plan and then you find the items you really need and jam it into the space of a closet. Now comes ingenuity and organizing. And if you can get a good balance then you have a great build.
Just remember, it’s your home, what are you most likely to want in it and how will it work in the space you have. Keep that in mind as you move along with the build and it should be just fine.
And questions are always welcome here so ask about anything you need help with. Best of luck with your build!

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When building out a new rig, I find it extremely helpful to create a floorplan with proper measurements and dimensions. That allows me to visualize it and troubleshoot it, before actually creating it.

In my latest creations, I have transitioned from a build it in philosophy to a move it in philosophy. Find something that will work with little to no modifications, move it in, secure it, and you’re done. Down the road, if you find some component better than what you currently have, replace it. Thrift stores, re-store, yard sales, flea markets, street corners, and free classifieds are your friends.

The comfy $7 chair that I’m sitting in came from a thrift store, and they had half a parking lot full to choose from, so I picked the most comfy one I could find that would fit in the space I had available. Having such great seating for working or lounging is amazing.


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