New to this forum, but not to the road

Howdy! Just received an invite to this excellent forum. I’ve been travelling for much of my life, here and overseas. Just ended three and a half years crisscrossing the country via van. For a whole bunch of reasons, I traded in my van on a small 5th wheel trailer and 4x4 truck. Still getting used to living in something that is not a van…

While it’s really great to have a “real house” with a bed, a couch, and an oven, it’s rough not being able to just scoot down whatever dirt road presents itself beckoning “Adventure awaits!” But I was getting this really intense feeling that I had used up my last life, so when the opportunity arose to get the truck and 5er I jumped into it. We’ll see…

Anyway, if we meet up on the road, be sure and stop and say hi!

The Dire Wolfess


Welcome to the forum @Gone_Feral. Glad to have you here.

Do you mind also sharing some pics of your trailer?