New to this and looking to buy a cargo van

What price range and mileage do you look for? Also how do avoid thousands of dollars in mechanical fees right off. I was kind of hoping to stick around 5000 on the initial buy. I found a van that says it has been well maintained for 5000 grand. Its a 2005 E250 with 89,000 miles on it. It has seats in it now but no insulation. I would just need to pull the seats and then build from there. Only problem is that it has 4 windows on each side including the driver and passenger side.

Im in IT so I can work from a hot spot. I considered a new small class c but i really dont want a payment

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Greetings & Welcome!

I much prefer older pre-computerized vehicles. They’re cheaper to buy, MUCH more reliable, and cheaper & easier to repair. Vehicles from the 70’s & 80’s have been far better to me than anything newer. My current rig for the last 10+ years is a 1973 Dodge Maxi Wagon approaching 500k miles on the original drivetrain, with nothing more than normal maintenance required.

Lot’s of older motorhomes with low miles and in excellent shape are for sale cheap. I’ve never paid over $2,500 for one, and they were all in excellent shape. Far cheaper than what most people pay to build their own, and move in ready.

Windows are your friends, they provide great value to your life. Their advantages far outweigh any disadvantages. Nothing beats a 360° view.


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