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Hello to all Bob Sergeant here*. I have a new /used 2008 Dodge Sprinter 144 Cargo Van. Bought it in February with only 57,000 miles. Wewww! I am in the process of starting/planning a build that will accommodate both surfing and camping.


Yay for sprinters!! There so much information for builds on them :smile:


Are you going to add solar panels?
If yes, where do you then plan on putting the surf boards?

Make sure you post a before and after pic of the build as well. Would LOVE to see that!

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I have solar and canoe on the roof racks with surfboard rack on wall inside. :ok_hand::+1:

Could you post a pic of that?
Interested in seeing how you set it up

Hey. Congrats mate. I bought my car today and started with the insulation. Anyone from Oslo?

The surfboards go under the bed and floor

I can get 4 longboards in there. Yes I plan to have solar on the front racks. Since I am not living in it I will do things a bit differently. I will post as it evolves. @HenryCooper @Thomas_Magee


As a new guy I am limited to one photo at a time. Here is a view of the bed and raised floor.

I live in San Diego area so I will not have very cold weather requiring insulation. If I go to cold areas we have really good sleeping bags. The cargo van has grey wall panels. I just picked up a sprinter grey ceiling. So it is already fairly quiet and insulated. @HenryCooper @Thomas_Magee


Build is looking awesome so far :heart_eyes:
Love seeing how you were able to design everything based on your needs. :+1:

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Thomas - Can you share pics of the roof rack configuration, with both solar and a canoe?

I am considering a similar setup, but I might also put solar on the side or rear of my shuttle bus and extend it out when stationary. This cuts wind resistance, makes it easy for me to clean the panels; and gives me my whole roof for two kayaks.

Other question… what’s it like driving with your canoe on top? How high is your roof, and does the wind catch it terribly?

Thanks in advance.


Looks like some time and thought went into your build.

Love the pics, keep em coming!


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