New to the Forum and new to Van Life

Hi There,

We are John and Vicky and only bought our van 2 weeks ago. We have a Yorkshire Terrier named Charlie who will be with us for every step of this journey. We both work full time so this will be a weekend project, but hopefully with weekends away as we make the improvements to the van.

We have a 2011 VW Crafter, LWB, Hi-Top with a 2.5ltr diesel engine. The bulkhead has already been removed, the side door and opposite slide has caravan windows with perished rubber seals. The barn doors at the rear are solid without windows.

Currently, the van is HGV on the log-book and I am working through the DVLA check list to have its weight reduced to 3,500kg from 5,000kg. Additionally I aim to re-register it as a Motor Caravan.

This van is already partially converted but to a low standard, I want to strip it right back and start again. The internal boarding shown has no insulation behind it.

I think this will do for now, as we do not wish to bore anyone. If anyone can advise right from the start of our journey, please do so.

Have fun,

John and Vicky

Greetings & Welcome!

Sounds like a project…

My best advice is to keep everything modular & portable, but secured. This makes changing your layout easy.


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