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Hey Everybody
New to the camper life community.

My wife and I just bought 1998 GMC Savanna 2500.
The first thing I looked into buying is already a challenge.
Looking for suspension lift kit for this truck and can only find Weldtec which is $2800.

Anyone have any luck cross referencing other trucks to find these parts?

I am not certain if any other trucks cross reference to yours besides the Chevy Express. Possibly the 99-06 Chev/GMC Silverado/Sierra? One of my first jobs was at a wrecking yard. The parts countermen used what was referred to as a Hollander manual to figure out parts interchange. That was over 20 years ago. I’m sure the Hollander manual must be available online by now. Also, you may want to contact Supreme Suspensions. I know they make lift kits for the 2003-present Chevy/GMC Express/Savana. Just a thought. You may be able to put together a kit yourself, possibly cheaper. If the front is coil sprung, you may be able to find an independent off-road fabricator or shop that may be willing to machine some spacers for the front. You would then need more shims to keep the alignment in check. I’m guessing your range would be limited using this method. The rears would consist of taller leaf spring blocks that possibly could be custom made as well. An off-road shop or spring shop may be able to help you with this as well as longer u-bolts. The shocks could be purchased from most lift kit manufacturers with some measurements. You would need to measure the unsprung length from eye to eye. Shock eye that is. Then would would need to measure the compressed length. I would call Rancho, Superlift, Pro Comp etc to make sure I’m giving you the right info. Finally congrats on the van. A 2500, being a 3/4 ton gives you a stiffer suspension out of the box along with more choices in regards to towing capacity. Hope I was at least able to steer you in the right direction or did I leave you in suspense(sion) HA! HA! Corny !


Raising a vehicle & it’s center of gravity is more about ego and less about usefulness. Driving & recovery techniques will typically get you much farther, and at much less cost.

When you balance the cost vs. versatility vs. actual amount of use, it rarely makes good economic sense.

Most of us have learned that those harder to get to places aren’t one bit better than the easier ones, and certainly not worth the extra cost, time, & effort involved in getting there.

Back in the days when I was highly interested in exploring the unknown, I quickly realized that rather than beating my vehicles to death, utilizing an ATV/UTV/Snowmobile etc. to do the exploring with was a much better choice.


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Not gonna be easy to find a lift kit for the Savanna/Express. Weldtec is the best and one of the only options. There isn’t any interchange with the GM trucks.

If you’re only looking for a little bit of lift, take a look at Air Lift. They make a cylinder that goes inside your front spring and helps take some of the weight, so the van will sit a bit higher. The rear is easy enough with a lift block, HiJackers, Air bags, helper springs, etc.

Why does the van need to be lifted?