New to motorhome conversions from South Wales UK

Hi I am new to conversions, but have been an all round general builder my entire life!
I bought myself an Iveco Daily 35s14 3 weeks ago at a very low price because of a gearbox problem (£1,200) with the sole intention of converting it to a motorhome!
A week after the purchase I was offered a 5 berth caravan, so I took the caravan and stripped it down to bare bones. I bought a solar system and leisure batteries, I then bought a gearbox second hand and have since fitted it.
So far I have had a bargain with everything I have, and I think it has only cost me a little over £2,000 so far. I will keep tabs on everything I spend and work out the final cost of the conversion!

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Greetings & Welcome!

I’m a huge fan of cheap! I believe in starting to save money with the initial purchase, and every purchase from there on. Nobody needs expensive batteries or any of the expensive stuff the promoters like to promote.

Simple, cheap, comfortable, convenient, & reliable for the win.


"Life can be as wonderful or as miserable
as you choose to make it." ~ The Camper Van Man

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Hi and welcome!

Being a builder, you should have the necessary skills to do an awesome conversion!

As @Van_Dweller says, keep it simple, convenient, cheap and reliable for a winner!