New, somewhere in Central Europe :)

Hello everyone,

I love nature, wildlife and travelling. So it was obvious to me that sooner or later I’ll think about vanlife :slight_smile:

I’m rather experienced in different DIY projects, quite well equipped, so I’ll be converting the van by myself, probably sometimes with some help of my friends and I hope my girlfriend :smiley:

The goal is to have a campervan (which already was named ‘Vamper’, combining words ‘camper’ and ‘van’) for travelling accross the continent, mostly to the south (I prefer warmer climate!), but not only. Probably the van will be kept warm during the winter, but I’m the ‘never say never’ type of guy :slight_smile: We’re not planning to go full time (at the moment…), rather to use it for travelling, one to three weeks at a time.

As a biker and motorbiker I hate diesel engines. So the priority is to have a green (eco) engine.

The decision has been made: I’m looking for a CNG (methane) van :slight_smile: The range is much shorter than with diesel engines, but ecology is important to me.

Wanting to put a fixed bed sideways in the back of the van over the garage (probably with enough space to put two mountain bikes inside) and a shower inside, I need a long and wide van.

Those two requirements led me to a LWB Fiat Ducato Natural Power (which is sold in the US as the Promaster), in the extended version (called here in Europe L4H2 or L4H3, depending on what would be available).

As for the moment, I’ve got lots of ideas for the build, need to think / discuss about them, that’s why my presence to the forum :slight_smile:

And of course I’m in the process of looking for the best van :slight_smile:

Stay safe, take care :slight_smile:


Greetings & Welcome!

I would humbly suggest that you do some serious research into where CNG is or isn’t available in your travels. I choose gas/petrol because it is better than diesel, but also because of it’s availability everywhere.

Some CNG vehicles can run either CNG or gas, I would make sure you have that option & it truly works.


"Never gamble more than you can afford to lose." ~ Dare2Dream

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Did that already, it’s available more or less all around I plan to travel. The range on CNG would be 300 to 400 km, so I’d work for me :slight_smile: And yes, the Ducato is a bi-fuel vehicle, although gas is used only when CNG is not available. The gas tank is 15 liters only, but I’d consider to change it to a standard size. A LPG (propane) installation is also possible to put inside :slight_smile: But I’d rather avoid it in order not to increase weight.


Cool! Too many people choose to ignore the proper planning phase.


"Never gamble more than you can afford to lose." ~ Dare2Dream