New guy in Sweden

Introduce Yourself…

Hi all!

45 year young dude who plans on selling my house and living in a van.
Looking at a newish Adria 640 SGX.
This has a rear bed which can raise up and down ekectrically.
I need this to fit my KTM 300 enduro bike in the back and still be able to sleep over it.
Plans for the van is to go as big as possible solar and lithium batteries.
Looking at webasto and whale water heater models as i think the Truma will use too much gas in the winter here in Sweden.
I work offshore on a 6 week on/off rotation so don’t see the point of owning a house.

Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you have a good plan. I don’t know if it’s possible in Sweden, but I carry my bike on the back instead of inside.image1 4

Greetings & Welcome!

As an extreme weather camper myself, I opted for no plumbing to avoid freeze up problems, and lithium batteries are temperature sensitive as well. Solar can be problematic in the winter as well, with shorter & cloudier days. For versatility and much lower cost, I chose a cheap generator & and a battery charger over solar for the rare times my isolator isn’t quite enough.

For heat, I chose an option that doesn’t require power, only fuel. For me, it’s far easier to conserve power usage than it is to create more, plus I don’t want to require power for any of my necessities. Fuel is easier & cheaper to obtain than extra power. My absolute necessities, I can charge while driving if all else fails. I put a lot of thought into being totally self sufficient except for food & supplies, and even then I try to keep a minimum of 30 days worth just to be safe, then as I buy new items I rotate it in and use the older stuff, so everything stays up to date. Canned/dry goods mostly, including meat, and dehydrated things or smoked meats that don’t require refrigeration. I’m munching on smoked New York steak bites as I type this for a late night snack. One of the things I really enjoy about my life is the great food. Friends are always amazed at how well I eat, and the variety of what’s available with a little bit of ingenuity.


"Always avoid complicated solutions to solve simple problems." ~ OffGrid