New guy in socal

Been checking things out but I’m not a live-aboard. I was looking for a custom van forum because I’m going to take a class C, rip the RV off it and turn it into a van again. Why would I do that? Because it is a 1977 Sportsman with 3 axles as a base. That’s right there is a cantilever tag axle behind the drive axle. I’ve always liked the custom three-axle vans since I saw one on the cover of mother magazine in the early seventies in junior high. I’ll probably stick around and read stuff because I do enjoy long vacations like 2 or 3 weeks moving the vehicle every 3 or 4 days. I guess that’s sort of a live-aboard but very short-term LOL. I’m a lifelong mostly 18-wheeler driver with a couple other jjobs like carpet cleaning Etc. I always enjoyed outdoor things like Boy Scouts with my son a few years. We got into Bushcraft a few years but just played it out and went on to other things. Had a few projects like a 65 GTO and I got into motorcycles for 10 years. Everything is gone now except my motorhome project and a 74 Ranchero project. My daily driver is a 1989 Toyota van 2wd Auto of course being over 6 feet that would be like living in a shoebox. Since I have two motorhomes I’m going to convert the three axle Class C into a custom long van and restore the regular Class A 2 axle and put it on a small property in the Midwest. Keep it cheap so I can go traveling again on a snail’s pace speed and a beer can budget.

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Wow. A three axle van. Sounds like you got a plan. Good luck.