New, going to get a van soon

My name is jacob and I am a 26 yr guy who has been traveling abroad for a few years but as of 6 weeks ago returned to my home in the PNW Washington, USA. I have plans with my gf of 3 years to get a van or bus, retrofit it to be able to travel the US full time, on asphalt and dirt, service road and city. As well as be an office space as we both work online.

I hope to find a vast resource of knowledge, experience, tip, tricks, and insights, and all around good times living on the road. Look forward to seeing all of your builds!


Greetings & Welcome!

The PNW is one of my favorite areas of the country. Lakes, rivers, & forests are my favorite camping spots. Never been much of a desert rat. Thinking of the PNW reminded me of the trout and salmon I’ve been missing out on, along with Dungeoness Crab!

The smaller metal body skoolies make pretty sturdy back roads campers. Ones from the snow belt can sometimes even be found as 4x4’s.

I once had an old Cortez motorhome that loved the back roads with it’s metal body and front wheel drive. That thing was both reliable and indestructable.

We’ll look forward to your participation here.


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