New domain name (


Just wanted to let everyone know that we’ve officially went from:

The reason we weren’t able to do this earlier is because some people in India were the owners of and weren’t willing to let it go. However, they finally agreed to let us buy it off them (they weren’t using it anyway). :slight_smile:

What’s going to change?
Nothing really…
We’ve setup 301 redirects (which is the Internets way of saying permanent redirects), so when you try to visit any URL you will be redirected to it’s corresponding URL automatically.

As easy as it sounds, a domain change is actually way more complicated then it seems. After switching domains we have a like a thousand things to update. Therefore, you may notice some little broken things around the website. If you come across any we ask that you please contact us so we can get it fixed immediately… and you can earn yourself a debugger badge :medal_sports:

Best Regards,
ProjectVanlife team


I mean I couldn’t log in using Facebook. So the social logins must be broken. But a heads up before the domain change woulda been nice…

Did anyone notice before this post?



Other than having to re-enter then save my username and password, everything went smoothly.


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and happiness comes before work is in the dictionary.


I always wondered why you guys had the “the” at the beginning. It was always annoying typing in those extra 3 letters. It’s good that you guys changed it.


I only recognize it only one word in my browser “vanlife”. Honestly, I didn’t notice it before reading this post but changes are always good. How I can get the any badge instead of debugger?