New and looking for best van to convert ,with a budget in mind

**Introduce Yourself…**Hi I am a retired man , interested in camping and traveling .Currently I am running a Ford F250 with a gear trailer . wife has told me she wants a van/camper for when she retires in about 4 years .so I am here to learn .


I’m too new to offer a suggestion on which Van is best to convert, but just wanted to drop in and welcome you to the forums. A lot of nice people here, and more than a few with experience they are happy to pass along.

So again, welcome!

Greetings & Welcome!

A van can be pretty cramped for 2 people. I would strongly consider a Class C motorhome.

If you’re stealth parking on city streets for free, a camper van can have a slight advantage, although I had very little problems parking a small motorhome or bus on city streets. I think the dividing line is whether it will fit in a standard parking space or not. All of mine did.


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