Need some help to choose a right mattress

How to choose a right mattress size and which mattress brand is the best? I need help, please.

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I’m not sure there’s a universal “best”. I sleep best on the 4" foam camper pads, so that’s what I use. The fact that they’re cheap is an added bonus. I have a house style 6 foot metal futon length wise along the passenger side wall. The frame was free, so I just added 2 of those camper pads, one for the seat, and the other for the back, and I was good to go. They should be available at camping stores or big box stores like Home Depot. They come in different densities, so you can pick your firmness.

Some people choose to use mattress toppers which also come in a variety of types, thicknesses, and densities. Many choices available at places like Walmart.

Any of the foam can be cut with a bread knife, or an electric carving knife.

Be careful on height, you want to be able to sit up straight without bumping your head!


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My wife and I are looking at the Millard 58 x 78 x 6 trifold queen to also use it as seating They make several 4” and 6” mattresses in different sizes and tri-folds etc. and come pretty highly rated - for RV type mattresses. Available online and at Mattress Firm.


Before deciding on a tri-fold, make sure it matches your sofa/bed design. It is easy enough to cut foam mattresses if the measurements of the tri-fold don’t match up. Also consider the price, if the tri-fold is much more expensive, is it worth the extra money to you.


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Generally, there are 4 types: Twin, Full, Queen, king. In addition to their dimension difference, what kinds of people are applicable is also one crucial factor you should take into account. Different people have different demands for the bed. For example, Twin size is friendly to single sleepers like toddlers and teens, or bunk beds because of slimness, while Full size is the best for single adults who live in a smaller room or space. They will get more economic interests at the same time, and that is one of the most outstanding advantages of the full size. However, it does not seem to be a wise option for couples who need a larger space when sleeping. Therefore, Queen and King size can be more profitable to couples and those single sleepers who are prone to sprawl out. Last but not least, pay attention to your room size and figure out what size is the one matched.
As for the mattress brand, I recommend the Sweetnight or Novilla mattress. I bought a mattress from them and slept comfortably.

Hope that will be helpful to you!

Sweetnight and Novilla I recommend!