Need Rust Advice

Last week, after a couple years of consideration I finally purchased a 2011 Ford Econoline to build out an take my 5 year old son out on adventures. Over the last couple days Ive removed shelving and other storage items left from the previous owner. Tonight included pulling up the rubber flooring.

To my horror, the four bolts that attach the cargo area to the frame range from pretty rusty to extremely rusty. The floor in the area surrounding one of the bolts is wavy and uneven from rust. Ive included pictures below.

I dont know a ton about cars so I am looking for advice. Did I just by a junker? Is this something that can be fixed by a professional without blowing my entire build budget? I dont have a ton of extra money to fix a major problem, which is why i didnt go with a newer high top promaster. Super worried I have 5 years of payments on a junker. Any advice is appreciated.

IMG_4400 !

I’d imagine that replacing the bit of rust in the floor would be as simple as cutting out the rusted part and welding a piece of donor metal onto it, preferably from the same model van… I’m not 100% sure if that would be the best option, just the first thing that popped into my head

From your pictures there doesn’t appear to be any structural damage from rust - just surface rust. If it’s not rusted through and compromising the integrity of the van I wouldn’t worry about it.

Taking it to a pro might result in him/her telling you the same thing I just did, or they might see dollar signs in their eyes and say something completely different (or something in between).


I’d just clean it up, put rust killer on it, then patch the holes. If the bolt holes are no longer strong enough, use big washers to solve the problem.


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Agreed. Grind out the rust, replace the bolts and seal it with something like POR-15. Even if you have to put new metal here it doesn’t have to look great, doesn’t need to be painted and clear coated, it just needs to be solid. It would not cost much and any capable welder could do it. You wouldn’t need a real body guy to fix this.