Need help, lost key

Hello to everyone.
I’m new here and I hope, this forum can help me.
I have lost my key from my 2020 Express, I contacted dealer and they quoted like $600. plus gotta tow the car there!!! This is way too expensive… Any cheaper solutions that anyone has come across maybe? Any advice highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

Greetings & Welcome!

Any good locksmith should be able to help you. If you give them your VIN number, they should be able to make you a key and you can just go and pick it up to save a service call to your location, or towing etc.

If it’s a chipped key, they can be pricey, but hopefully the above can save you a little money & frustration.

Good Luck & keep us posted!


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Thank you for your help, I already found a solution!

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Here is what I found out after a long research, helped me a lot. So I’m sharing it here in case anyone ever finds themselves in the same mess as me…
I guess there is a huge difference between different keys, models, etc.
Also locksmiths and dealers charge different amounts for the very same key.
helped me save a lot of money to get my new key.



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