Need help from UK please


I need help with how to get power and what I can store power in.

Get power by solar panel on roof during the day.
Something to keep power in to use through the day and night.

I need to keep a small fridge, TV, PS4, phone charges, laptop charged and other things daily so need to have enough to do these.

What’s best for this. Leisure batteries or the portable solar power generators?
Will I be able to hook the L batteries or SPG up to my car battery or something to charge them as I drive around.

I will also be buying a small petrol generator to top off power in an emergency if I run low.

I’ve posted 2 pics below on what it comes up with google in the UK.
Top is the leisure battery and bottom is the solar power generator with plugs to charge stuff with.

I did have 2 links but apparently new users can’t post link. Wow!!!
I’m guessing without the links you will have to use your imagination on what I mean.

I have put a few things above so you can see the leisure batteries / power generator.

Thank you for any help with this and what I need.

Have you seen this guy or his “how to” books?
Worth a look…

That was the most organized build I’ve ever seen. Pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing!