Need advice on my 2000 Ford Conversion Van

I have a 2000 Ford E-150 conversion van. The conversion was done by Eclipse. It is the typical conversion with the window shades that go up and down with strings on either side. My problem is the plastic panels in the rear doors with the shades in them are breaking (they are just old and brittle) and have to be replaced. I have been searching for replacement panels/shades and I can’t even find a company that sells the plastic panels. I don’t have to get the same type of panel…but I do want to be able to have something that will open and close so I can see out when I am driving but I can close to nobody can see in if I am inside sleeping. What are my options?

You could just make some out of reflectix and some magnets or velcro. Better than shades in my opinion. Although at this point we pretty much never take ours off even when driving.

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Having repaired similar problems in the past, I just bought metal U channel to replace them with, and painted them to match. Problem solved permanently.

I think it’s RecPro that makes those, so might be an option as well.


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