Need advice on Camper vans in Australia

Hey guys ,
I’m here hoping to get some help and advice on a Van I’m looking at from a dealer… we are in Australia Victoria. I’m loving the look of the 1988 Toyota hiace Pop top Campervan.

I’m wanting to get advice from you guys as to with these vans what the KMs is like and is 350,000kms to many.
This will be my first Campervan. And I’m planning a trip around Australia next year.
Thanks for all ur help

Greetings & Welcome!

My guess would be that the previous owner decided it was costing too much to keep.


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I rented a Toyota van earlier this year in NZ. It was a 2002 and had more than 600000 km on the clock. There were some little issues such as worn out door locks and ignition switch, and shook and rattled going down the road, but ran fine. We had it for 11 days and put about 1800 km on it. I don’t know if it had the original engine or not. Had a diesel engine. They’re fairly simple machines, and should be straightforward to work on when they break down. I wish they had imported more to the US.

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