NC new guy + New(old) Van

Just signed up like 30 minutes ago. Hailing from Charlotte North Carolina, I just bought a van (somewhat impulsively) yesterday and am getting the title today. I’m joining the forum because I have been dreaming of van life for a few years now and finally found the right moment to pull the trigger. Got my hands on a 1997 Ford E350 with 102000 miles on it and am very much looking forward to making it my 1st van life project with my girlfriend.

About me, I (23M) am a budding arborist/tree climber by trade and am very much a rock climber and general outdoorsman with many trips planned to places and parks around the country. My GF (22F) is a graphic designer and interior architect with a degree and good practical work experience under her belt. I absolutely adore her and am very happy to be on this journey with her. Hopefully, i’ll be getting her into this forum soon too.

I hope to get to know many of the members of this community and help to make it a little better and bigger.

Welcome to the forum. See my response to the question on your other thread.

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