My Yearly Bed Search

Its almost cool enough to do some work on the TT. I need a bed tnat will fit in a small space and fold easily for my back. I have looked at tri fold futon frames. I have looked at z beds. I actually made a z bed and it didnt work.
The bed need to fold from head to foot. It cant be a fold out where you sleep from elbow rest to elbow rest. A full size mattres Fits perfectly. i have rails for the frame to set on.
I have also seen the bed slats that roll.up. i dont know if that will hold me and my husband. Im 200 and hes 270.

If any of ypu have seen any new beds or frames let me know. Post the links here. Even if its a diy.

Thank you!!!

Also found rock and roll beds. If you have one tell me about them.

You might try posting a project on upwork-dot-com asking for an engineer to design a custom tri-fold to your exact needs. Upwork is a site where people around the world bid on your project. An engineer in India might bid $100 and give you a complete design

i’m planning on getting a “memory foam mattress”, since all memory foam mattress are a thin layer of actual memory foam glued to a thicker layer of regular foam i plan to cut a slit down middle the regular foam part whilst leaving the memory foam layer intact and have the whole thing in an enclosed cover. i think this will make it easy to convert between a couch and a bed without having a sink hole in the middle.
i also found a [place] that will make a custom bed for a decent price, as soon as i’m not a ‘new’ user i post the link