My VW LT35 called "de roti blitz"

Hi I’m Oliver from Switzerland.
This is my '78 VW LT35.
It was originaly build in the '80ies by a guy who took it trough the Sahra. Afterwards my parents and their friends rescued it from a scrapyard. It was in nearly whole europe from Croatia up to Norway. My parents constructed an own one app. 15years ago and it was left in a barn for 10years until me and my siblings rescued it 3 years ago. Since then we fixed the mechanical part and gave it a new paintjob. The next step will be a new interiour. It’s named “de roti blitz” which means the red lightning in swiss german. Obviously because it’s red and fucking fast…

Any pics of the inside? It looks really cool.

Thank you! Sadly not. I’m deployed abroad at the moment but I’ll be at home in 2 weeks. I’ll post some photos if i don’t forget ^^

Hei sorry for the late response here a picture from the inside but i teared everything out by now IOT rebuild it.

We also had to cut out the whole roof because it was full of rust. We replaced it with 2mm aluminium.

Greetings & Welcome Back!

Wow! What a lot of work for something that looked so great to start with.

Did know of the work needed to begin with?


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Yea it just looked that good because we repainted it one year ago. I was expecting some rust but not that it will be that bad.