My Van Life goals

Introduce Yourself…

Hi I’m Lisa, a 50 something van dreamer who is about to turn van goals into a reality.

I’ve finally realised the meaning of work life balance and as I love exploring and the outdoors a van is the perfect companion to maximise this passion.

I’ve spent lots of time drooling over van pages across all platforms and think I’m almost there on knowing what I would like, but maybe not fully there on what I actually need lol.

I’m looking forward to sharing this journey in this forum.

Take care

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Welcome! I am not a van lifer. I am a homemade tiny travel trailer owner/maker. I come here because the vanlifers really know how to maximize there small spaces, have knowledge of solar, electrical, plumbing, and everything in between! I scour vanlife videos looking at build ideas. My TTT has solar, gravity water, fold out bed, bunk bed, ac, heat. gas generator, port a potty, pop up shower, that all fits in my 6x10 TTT. All these ideas cam from vanlifers! They know what they are doing!

Greetings & Welcome!

As a newbie, older, smaller Class C motorhomes can save you a ton of money. I’ve bought many for under $2500.

It’s a much easier transition to a MH too. Much more room, storage, & amenities. A cheap MH will also hold it’s value while a DIY project will lose half of it’s value before it’s ever completed.

Forget about any of the “cargo vans are stealthy” baloney, it’s a bold faced lie. People who try to hide are suspicious at best, while campers and tourists are typically welcomed. “Good Neighbors” don’t generally have problems. Notice all the cargo vans parked in the middle of nowhere, that’s because it’s the only place they’re “stealthy”.

Money first, everything else later. You need a stable, sustainable income to work with this lifestyle. Forget the “Just Do It & Do It Now” crowd, they’re losers who are just after your money, and they have no remorse when you wind up broke, jobless, & homeless.

Spending big money to save money is a total scam. The freedom you seek isn’t totally free, but it can and should be extremely cheap, like under $5k total for your rig and everything you need to hit the road and enjoy it. Use your MH as it was intended and don’t get conned into remodeling it, or adding solar, or expensive 12v compressor fridges etc. etc. Unmodified MH’s are worth much more than modified ones.

The way to save money starts with your vehicle purchase, not somewhere down the line MAYBE! I don’t care how much they justify the insane amounts of money they want people to spend, it’s all very bad choices that will never pay for themselves. I buy cheap, live cheaply, and bank huge amounts of money while literally living the dream. You can too!


"Always avoid expensive solutions to cheap problems." ~ OffGrid

Hey Lisa!

I’m a future “Bus lifer”, I guess? While my vehicle is legally registered as a Van, but it’s actually a Shuttle Bus that was supposed to be an Ambulance which is now a Motor home. :smile:

But, I just wanted to drop in and welcome you to the community! I’ve actually been in the “Acquiring phase” (getting all the bits and pieces together for my build) for about 7 months or so and have been in build phase for the last two weeks or so (kinda, anyway).

It’s been a windy road, ups and downs, COVID and moving to my Parents, just all over the place…

But I hope to see you around the forums and look forward to seeing your progress!

- Side note-

^ If I were to be 100% honest, I wish I had listened to @Van_Dweller on this. I love my build, I really do, and some of the specifics of my build aren’t available in commercial Campers/RVs.

But… I could have been on the road 6 months ago, actually out there and traveling. Instead, I’ve been stuck in limbo, still just waiting.

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